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Speed Servo Rotary Sheeting Machine

Speed Servo Rotary Sheeting Machine

RS 1400 Servo Rotary Sheeting Machine had been improved the body structure of rotary blade and conveyor feed system,twin servo motor design. It can benefit for paper sheeting stability ,high cutting accuracy and speed .Specialize for sheeting 50~400gsm paper ;max speed up to 300 cuts per minute ;accuracy with±0.5mm

Standard Equipped

1)Twin Web Hydraulic Paper Reel Stand;
2)Automatic Computerize Tension System;
3)High Precision Single Rotary Blade Sheeting System;
4)Static Eliminator;
5)Auto Thickness Adjustor Conveyor Feed System;
6)Auto Pile System Plus Lap-Top Devise;
7)Twin Servo Motor Drive System;
8)Automatic Counting Tab Inserter;
9)Computerize Touch Screen Control Devise.


Working Width 1400mm/Max Paper Thickness 50g~450g
Machine Speed 300Cut/min/Max Tension System Computerize
Sheeting Sped 300次/min Unwinter Hydraulic
Unwind Dia 1600mm/Max Unwind Twin Web
Pile Height 1500mm Electrical Power 380v*3
Cutting Accuracy ±0.5mm Power Supply 25Kw
Sheeting Range 450mm~1500mm Machine Weight 120000kg
Dimension (L) 9800mm* (W)3600mm* (H) 2020mm
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