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Rotary Type Paper Tinting Machine

Rotary Type Paper Tinting Machine

Introduction of Tinting Machine

Machine offered user for tinting and especially of materials such as Art paper and white paperboard. The Letterpress coating systemdesigned for more inking process mainly for tinting quality specialize on grey paper board and fabrics. Whichever material we use is the ideal equipment for your tinting process. We also offer Reel or Sheet collection as an optional extra.


Tinting Color Both/ Single Side Inking System AutomaticCirculation
Width 650/1000/1200 mm Drying Infra-red
Speed 70m/min Ink WaterBase
Thickness 80g/m2-350g/m2 Cutting Range 450mm-1000mm
Max Unwind Dia 1300mm Standard Power Required 28kw
Unwind/weight 700kg Total Weight 6000kg / model 1000
Unwinder Standard 3" Air Shaft Dimension 8000×2800×3000(mm)/ model 1000
Rewinder Standard 3" Air Shaft Compressor Air 5.5kw
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