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Rotary Type Flexo Printing Machine

Rotary Type Flexo Printing Machine

Production Introduction:

Machine designed for rotary type printing material. Designed offers flexo plate and water based inking system options along with inline sheeting, embossing inline. Machine was designed using proven technology which incorporates tension control, transmission and data processing Design offers high output, easy to operate controls and easy maintenance. Machine also has less ink consumption , longer plate life span, high speed and the ability to print on both front and reverse sides. Design can go to color 2+0 / 4+0/ 2+2 . All of the above also comes with minimal dally maintenance low repair costs. We firmly believe that we offer the useful machine for flexo press production.


No. of Color 2+0/2+2/4+0 Printing Width 650/1000/1200 mm
Paper Thickness 55g/m2-120g/m2 Printing Range 300mm-800mm
Max. Mechanical speed 150m/min Max. Cutting 200cut/min
Tension Control Computerize Unwind System Hydraulic Lift UP
Max. Unwind dia. Φ 1300mm Max. Pile Hight 1300mm
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