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Exercise and Note Book Production Line
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EB1020 Fully Automatic Wire Stitching Exercise Book Production Line

Exercise and Note Book Production Line


This machine uses modern techniques such as microcomputer control, electro-optical tracking, gas-liquid interaction, touch screen operation and flexographic printing which is environmentally friendly. This production line is an ideal choice for the mass production of staple-bound notebooks. It features a matched combination of 12 processes :
1. Web unwinding station
2. High speed flexographic printing with 2 + 2 colors
3. Paper sheeting devise
4. Overlapping
5. Collecting and counting
6. Paper cover inserter
7. Saddle stitching unit
8. Folding
9. Edge back pressing
10. Cross trim cutter
11. Side and separate trimming devise
12. Finished products delivery table


1. Product Model EB-1020
2. Web Width 580~1020mm
3. Max. Printing Speed 350 m/min
4. Repeat Range 300~670mm
5. Cutting Length 300~670mm
6. Counting & Collecting 5~50sheets
7. Max. Reel Paper Diameter 1200mm
8. Sheet Weight 45~120g
9. Note Book Width 130~225mm
10. Cover Weight 80~300g
11. Appendix Weight 40~150g (Optional)
12. Max. Output Frequency 45cycles
13. Sheet Stitching Thickness 8 mm
14. Total Power 30 KW
15. Overall Dimensions(L×W×H) 20400×3250×2500mm³
16. Machine Weight 22 T

NB760 Fully Automatic Cold Glue Taped Notebook Production Line

Exercise and Note Book Production Line
This machine utilizes advanced technology such as microcomputer controls, photoelectric tracking, touch screen operation and water ink flexographic printing etc. The machines have hydraulic powered system and gas pressure devices. This equipment can produce student exercise books, soft cover office notebooks, high-grade plastic cover notebooks, letter paper, legal pads and other notebook products. It is the best equipment for mass production of notebooks.

Production Flow Chart :
1. Reel Paper Unwinding
2. Tension Roller
3. Printing and Ruling
4. Paper Trimming
5. Paper Splitting
6. Page Folding
7. Page Slitting
8. Pages Collation &Counting
9. Inner Sheets 90° Turn
10. Head Page Insertion
11. Back Cover Insertion
12. Front Cover Insertion
13. Another 90° Turn Transport
14. Covers glued on inner faces separately from the pages
15.Gluing Book Spine
16.Second Spine Gluing
17. Removal of Excess Glue
18. Drying
19. Paper Tape Gluing
20. Tapes Applied and Pressed
21. Paper Tape Cutting
22. Transport Books
23. Drying Paper Tapes
23. Book 3-sides Trimming
24. Finished Product Collection.

Main Technical Parameters:

Product model NB-760
Web Width 580~1020mm
Max. back tape book binding thickness 4~12mm
Back tape book binding distance 80~100mm
Max. printing speed 240m/min
Back tape book binding width 20~35mm
Repeat range 300~760mm
Output book speed 25m/min
Max. cutting width 300~760mm
Dry temperature range 0~400℃
Counting & collecting 5~50sheet
Total power 45KW
Max. reel paper diameter Φ1200mm
Sheet weight 45~180g/m²
Size 15500×8350×2300mm³
Notebook width 130~300mm
Machine weight About 25000KG
Cover weight range 80~400g/m²
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